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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy was originated in the early 20th century by the osteopath Dr. William Sutherland. Whilst examining the specialised articulations of cranial bones, he discovered that there is a rhythmic motion of tissues and fluids in the body. His research showed that there is an existence of motion in cranial structures. This motion he would later refer to as 'Breath of Life'. His findings also show that this motion creates several rhythms that flow through our whole body, which the therapist is able to identify.

With a targeted treatment and mobilisation of this circulation between cranial and sacrum you can recreate the healthy balance and natural rhythm within your own body. With special touches the therapist can help find and resolve inner blockages and improve the flow of energy and ease stress and tension.


My work focuses on biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST)

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy looks at the body as a holistic energy system. It is a subtle and in-depth form of therapy, which helps the body to strengthen its self-healing abilities. The therapist achieves this by sending subtle impulses into your body. The treatment is very relaxing and a delicate way of working with which the therapist encourages the body to regenerate itself. Aim of the treatment is also to help the patient find and understand the cause of the blockages.

In the treatment I try and sense the body's inner strength and to suggest to it, that it can let go and release. This gives your own energy system room to readjust itself and restore the healthy rhythm within your own body.


When is BCST used?flowerimage

The treatment is very soft and delicate and is perfectly suited to treat babies, children and older people too.

Areas of treatment

This form of therapy is accepted by health insurances in so far as a complementary insurance has been taken out.

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