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Mr. C.B., 38 years

I first visited Mrs. Tondolo a few weeks ago for the first time as I have been experiencing very strong headaches and backpain. 
The reactions my body had to this deeply relaxing therapy were amazing. My headache but mainly my backpain at first got almost unbearably strong. My body had started to relax. All my blockages had started to release. This process was not easy to handle as I hadn't expected an increase in pain. However I stayed strong and put my trust in the hands of Mrs. Tondolo. In the therapy sessions I realized how well and quickly I a) could relax and b) how much I enjoyed this relaxing time. Just a few weeks later my pain started to decrease and already after six sessions I was able to experience a tremendous improvement. I am now more relaxed and balanced and have realized how important it is to find time like this in everyday life. My backpain and headaches have decreased enormously and now very rarely come back.

Cranio Feedback Mrs. S.L., 34 years

Cranio sacral therapy was recommended to me because I am so unsettled and can't sleep. I have tried everything from kinesiology to acupunture. And I just didn't want to give up trying even though I did not believe that there is something out there that can actually help me. So I started the therapy and all of a sudden it started feeling extremly well. 
The long conversation in the beginning helped me to open up about everything. When I lied to, I could completely let go. I started feeling warm and cold and I started feeling pressure on my forehead even though Pilar touched my ankles. My stomach started working and suddenly I felt very hungry, then sleepy and almost fell asleep. I could have lied down for hours. Unfortunately it was already over after an hour. It was the first time in a long time that I felt so relaxed. Since I am getting cranio sacral therapy I can sleep quietly and relaxed and feel good. I highly recommend this form of therapy.

Feedback Mrs. C.L, 52 years

For me, Cranio means 1. on an emotional level
- that in my business and personal everyday life, I am taking an hour for myself, that only belongs to me and in which no one can enter except myself and my therapist
- that I allow myself to let go and give myself trustful into the hands of my therapist without wanting to control everything all the time. Now many things can happen for which there is no space in my everyday life. Thoughts, Emotions, maybe pain. I even have the luxury to look at those pains for as long as I want. Often I can see how they changes, never they get so intense that I can't bear them anymore. In my everyday life, I don't have time for that.

2. on an physical level
-my body can find a perfect inner balance which guides me through everyday life. I experience an ease of pain from my partly chronic conditions (arthrosis, tendinitis, myositis). My muscles can relax and a warm feeling can flow through my whole body. Hormonal problems are easing. Hot flashes will ease and an inner tension will decrease. I can feel how the energy can flow freely again and won't be caught up in my stomach anymore. I can sleep deeply and relaxed and wake up recovered the next morning. 
All in all cranio sacral therapy is a valuable support for me on an emotional and physical level which helps me manage my everyday life much better.

Cranio Feedback Nea F. 4 weeks old

Since my birth was a planned caesarean, I already informed myself about how I can help my child to work through this time and process the birth. For me it was the best to try cranio sacral therapy as I already had some good experience with it. So I spoke to various people who was specialized in babies. Then Marcela von Känel (pregnancy yoga) recommended you. From the beginning I felt in good hands and the same I can say about my daughter who always reacted very calm and relaxed.

Cranio Feedback Robert, 12 years

The first contact between Pilar Tondolo and my son, Robert 12 years, happened as follows. Pili and I started talking at a summer party. Then suddenly I had a call from my son, who was 10 at the time, and couldn't stop crying as he couldn't sleep and had a headache. At this point in time it was already so bad that I could barely leave the house at night since he always called me then because he couldn't sleep and was afraid to be alone, so I had to go home. In short, we started cranio sacral therapy with Pili. After a first conversation between the three of us, we started the therapy. Robert enjoyed the peace and warmth there a lot and wanted to come back. He also spoke with her about his bad dreams. During the session I sat there and read a book. Already after the second session he felt he could go there by himself to enjoy this deeply relaxing form of therapy. Already after 4-5 sessions Pili had finished the treatment and we felt happy that our everyday life was back to normal. The cranio sacral therapy helped him a lot to lead a more relaxed everyday life. Many thanks, Katharina.


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