"A real practitioner isn’t doing the healing for you, instad she creates a space in which you can rediscover your own innate healing power."

Frans Stiene

About me

I was born in 1962 in Morelia, Mexico. I am married and mother of two children.

Already at an early age I was interested in alternative methods of treatment. Many years ago I learned about the professional Reiki treatment and completed a two-year course in 'Mind healing' in Berlin. From 2004 to 2006 I studied medical basics in Zürich. The experiences and knowledge that I acquired throughout those years eventually brought me onto my journey to Biodynamic craniosacral therapy. I then started a training at the International School of biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy ISBC Kiental and obtained a degree as a registered biodynamic craniosacral therapist and opened my own practice. I have also completed several training courses in the field of working with babies and children. 

Further Studies & Education:

  • „Craniosacral healing work with babies and children“ with Friedrich Wolf, Kiental.
  • „Visceral intelligence“ with Michael Kern, Kiental
  • „Work with Babys 1 and 2“ with Dominique Dégranges, Winterthur
  • „Holistic Embryology“ with Dr. med. Jaap van der Wal, Basel
  • „The center-line — the path of the middle“ with Michael Kern, Kiental
  • „Emotions, pain and perception“ with Steve Haines, Winterthur
  • „The thorax and health of the heart“ with Katherine Ukleja, Winterthur
  • „The waves of the tides“ with Michael Kern, Kiental
  • „The breath of life in biodynamics“ with Franklyn Sills, Winterthur
  • „Concience and quantum physics“ with James Oschman, Zürich
  • „Transfer, shadow and biodynamics“ with Franklyn Sills, Winterthur
  • „Working with the spine“ with Steve Haines, Winterthur
  • „Pregnancy support in craniosacral therapy" with Dominique Dégranges, Winterthur
  • „The iliosacral joint and the hip joint“ with Steve Haines, Winterthur
  • „Discover the spine through movement“ with Steve Haines, Winterthur
  • „Awaken the heart“ with Franklyn Sills, Winterthur
  • „Space, Beeing and Become“ with Franklyn Sills and Cherionna Menzam, Winterthur
  • „Working with babies after a C-section“ with Dominique Dègranges, Winterthur
  • „Prenatal Development, pregnancy and the heart and vascular system“ with Michael Shea, London UK
  • „A whole world in our hands“ with Katherine Ukleja, Winterthur
  • „Craniosacral healing work to help with learning disorders and ADHS“ with Friedrich Wolf, Kiental
  • "With the hands on trauma" with Katherine Ukleja, Winterthur
  • "Somatic Blueprint as the primary resource for healing and integrating the consequences of traumatic birth" with Dr. Ray Castellino, Vienna
  • "Abdominal Pain" with Katherine Ukleja, Winterthur
  • "The abdomen, movement and emotion" with Katherine Ukleja, Winterthur
  • Industry certificate OdA Complementary Therapy


„Da Sein Institut“, Winterthur: Dominique Dègranges, Franklyn Sills, Steve Heines, Katharine Ukleja.

 „Polarity Bildungszentrum“, Zürich: Michael Kern

Supervisor for students and craniosacral practitioners


Cranio Suisse www.craniosuisse.ch

ASCA (Schweizerische Stiftung für Komplementärmedizin) www.asca.ch

EMR (Erfahrungsmedizinischen Register) www.emr.ch

EGK (Gesundheitskasse) www.egk.ch

"I am happy to have chosen this journey and profession and I love my work, especially being able to help newborn babies and children means a lot to me. Every time I am fascinated and grateful to experience how receptive, curious and without judgement babies and children are when they are treated. With my work I want to help people regain strength for their body and mind." 


  • Maria del Pilar Tondolo-Villalobos

  • Hirzbodenweg 45, 4052 Basel, Schweiz

  • +41 76 386 5775

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